SS House Of Couture Visuals

2020 Fashion Product Shoot

Thanks to the Pandemic for creating the type of chaos that Artists captivate and grow through. Although, physical limitations for in-person displays, has created a great strain on entertainment events that artists spend so many countless hours preparing for, Creatives always have the will and find the way! 

What better way to utilize the abandoned streets other than shooting! Guns' a blazin! Just kidding.

We took full advantage of the emptied backgrounds. Booked a time and a space and made the roads our personal runway. We captured content! Our focus was a product and lifestyle shoot with Behind the scenes flare and we did just that. Scroll through to see all the epic shots we caught that day and maybe it will inspire you, to go out there and shoot you best shot!

Thank You Sheena Cruz of SS House of Couture for booking us and showing out! 




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