Being known as Simply Jess, Miami's #1 Nightlife promoter, to embracing my true identity as Jess Marquez, the Artist and All Around Creator, my journey has been one of passion and self-discovery.

Step into the world of Jess Marquez, a true force of passion and creativity. As the co-owner of the iconic 400 Club and Miami's premier promoter even before social media took over, Jess is a visionary in her own right. She's not just the vibe creator and VIP concierge; she's a marketing guru and a visual artist, a true powerhouse of talent and inspiration.

Known for her remarkable ability to sell out events and draw the hottest celebrities and influencers, Jess Marquez, known as Simply Jess, is the soul of every unforgettable gathering in Miami. When her vibes are in the mix, you know it's going to be an extraordinary experience.

Looking back to my childhood, art was always my sanctuary. From designing Barbie doll clothes to crafting custom birthday cards, the act of creation was therapeutic and exhilarating. I never lost sight of my dream to be an artist and designer, even as fate led me down a different path.

Then came Art Basel 2015, a turning point where she revealed Jessica, The Artist, and all-around creator to the world. It was liberating to showcase her work and let everyone see the depth of her creative soul beyond the nightlife scene.

Through the years, she has honed her skills and passion, channeling it into the growth of her business, Visuals by Jess. From being a mixed media artist to mastering photography, videography, painting, and designing wearable art, Jessica Marquez is the epitome of a multi-talented visionary.

But for Jess, Visuals by Jess is more than just a business; it's a movement. Her main objective is to ignite the DO WHAT U LUV spirit in everyone she touches. Art has always been her therapy and her expression to connect with the community, inspiring others to embrace their own love for art and chase their passions fearlessly.

Her mission goes beyond personal success; it's about creating a vibrant community of visionaries who support and uplift each other. Jess Marquez is on a relentless journey to inspire and empower others to keep going, never quitting on their dreams. Together, she envisions a world where passion and creativity are celebrated, and where every individual can unleash their inner visionary.

Are you ready to join Jess Marquez and be part of this passionate movement? Embrace your creativity, follow your heart, and become a part of the unstoppable force that is Visuals by Jess. Together, let's paint a brighter future, where art, love, and passion intertwine to create something truly extraordinary.